PHP Editor by EngInSite - download Editor (IDE) for PHP4 and PHP5 here
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PHP Editor by EngInSite - download Editor (IDE) for PHP4 and PHP5 here

PHP Editor by EngInSite - create, edit, debug, and run PHP 4 and PHP 5 scripts with this powerful Editor.

EngInSite PHP Editor allows you to create, edit, run, and debug PHP 4 and PHP 5 scripts from an integrated development environment (IDE). 

It will change your life, turning your PHP coding into pure pleasure! (OK, that was a poetic exaggeration, but even in more mundane terms: your productivity with EngInSite PHP Editor will double -- guaranteed.) 

PHP Editor by EngInSite

Lots of our customers ask us to compare our Editor with Zend product. We prefer DevX reviewer Laurence Moroney do it for us. Read his reviews of EngInSite PHP Editor and Zend Studio.

News: Buying EngInSite PHP Editor you are receiving 2 great products for great price: EngInSite MySQL Client is now included into the Editor (you must download it as an additional package)
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EngInSite PHP Editor
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Tools we recommend:

You are new to PHP? this is a PHP Editor of your choice

EngInSite PHP Editor is designed in a way that makes the learning curve as easy and short as possible.

  • Great help system
  • Intelligent Intellisense and Autocomplete. At last the PHP Editor will see the difference between public and private functions of the class.
  • Hint system that knows all 3079 main PHP functions
  • Unique architecture emulates HTTP server behavior right in your Editor's output window.
  • You don't have to spend valuable time on configuring your environment - EngInSite PHP Editor does it all for you.
  • Use Unicode and UTF8 in your script

Savvy professionals will see the difference in a moment

EngInSite PHP Editor boasts with a unique debugger system which allows you to set a breakpoint in a script and run the main form of your application. The debugger will stop the execution of your program if and when your reach your breakpoint.

Other things you will find invaluable if it is PHP that brings your bread and butter:

  • Seamless CVS support
  • Different protocols to connect your Webserver. Not just plain  FTP but SFTP, SSH1 and WebDAV
  • Fast synchronizing with remote server. send only changed files

Simple facts

EngInSite PHP Editor  is a powerful IDE for PHP technologies that provides more power at your fingertips than all the ordinary IDEs combined. What is it that makes EngInSite PHP Editor a cut above the rest? Let's look at its following features:

  • Manage projects with ease via an interface that is much like the well-known Microsoft Visual Studio or Delphi. 
  • Define your own color schemes for unlimited ways of displaying your code. 
  • Unlike most IDEs, EngInSite PHP Editor wraps around already-existing projects and allows you to use different PHP distributions. 
  • Get down to writing code quickly with our project templates. 
  • Our Code Navigator makes viewing your project a breeze. 
  • Debug via an easy, intuitive interface. 
  • You don't have to spend valuable time on configuring your environment - EngInSite PHP Editor does it all for you.
  • Customize the Editor's user interface any way you like. 

Two great products in one

EngInSite PHP Editor should really be called EngInSite HTML and PHP Editor. The only thing is that we have a WYSIWYG HTML/CSS Editor scheduled for this spring.

Our PHP Editor is HTML-aware -- use the built-in Tag Editor to work with HTML tags and attributes.


PHP Editor: HTML Tag Editor


Extend Your Power

A built-in FTP, SSH (SSH1, SSH2,SFTP), WebDAV-client enables EngInSite PHP Editor to access and work directly with files located remotely on the server. 

You can run your script on your production server. 

You can run it on the integrated web server with PHP support. 

You can run it as a plain PHP script. 

You can see the output in any browser -- or at the Command Prompt -- or in the Output window: your choice, pick any way you like.


A convenient tool, Navigator, will make sure you are never lost in your project 


PHP-Editor: Navigator


Into the Future - Fast

Never used PHP before? That's taken care of, don't look any further: hundreds of users have taught themselves PHP using EngInSite PHP Editor

Our tool layout is similar to Microsoft Visual Studio and Delphi, so you'll find your way around quickly and easily. 
Why waste time on meaningless drudgery, when you could be doing things you do best - like writing code? The tool's support for workspaces and projects makes starting to use EngInSite PHP Editor  an easy transition.

The PHP Editor installation contains built-in PHP 4.3.8 and PHP 5.02

This is the ideal no-hassle way to start coding PHP. Just install our Editor and, armed with its ready for immediate use environment featuring an IDE, a PHP interpreter, as well as generous amounts of help and documentation, you are ready to roll!

Light-Weight Heavy Weight

Many IDEs are bloated with spurious features you'll never use, making you struggle with your development environment unnecessarily. In contrast, EngInSite PHP Editor  puts all the power you need right at your fingertips.

Written entirely in a native Windows language, our EngInSite PHP Editor does the job faster and more efficiently than Java-based IDEs. 

And on top of that, EngInSite PHP Editor  is professionally designed to meet the Microsoft Windows interface guidelines: its intuitive and familiar Windows-style interface will make your work fast and productive.

But don't mistake our tool's use simplicity for a lack of aptitude -- EngInSite PHP Editor  is packed with power. Even your largest projects will run with ease in EngInSite PHP Editor.


Powerful Debugger

EngInSite PHP Editor features a visual editor/debugger similar to Microsoft Windows programming tools like Visual Basic or Delphi. 

PHP Editor: Watchpoints

This integrated debugger enables you easily to set both absolute and conditional breakpoints, single-step through code, and inspect values of variables in your script. These features--especially when combined with EngInSite PHP Editor's Local Server--make finding problems in your code very easy.

PHP Editor: Breakpoints


Another tool, Profiler, helps you hunt down bottlenecks in your PHP code 

PHP Editor: Profiler



System requirements:
Windows 98 or later
128 MB of RAM
40 MB of free disk space

While EngInSite PHP Editor runs under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP the scripts you create may be used on any system which supports PHP (Unix, Windows NT, Mac, etc.).

Download your free trial copy today: PHP Editor