Perl Editor by EngInSite - Editor (IDE) for Perl with best debugger on the market
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Perl Editor by EngInSite - Editor (IDE) for Perl with best debugger on the market

Perl Editor by EngInSite - create, edit, debug and run Perl scripts with this powerful editor.

Perl Editor by EngInSite is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, testing, and debugging Perl scripts; the tool runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP or later.

If you've used Windows programming tools like Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi, EngInSite Perl Editor's IDE will be familiar to you. If not, you'll find that its visual environment can give you a dramatic productivity boost!

EngInSite Perl Editor is available in two versions: Professional and Lite (freeware). A detailed feature comparison is available here.

Perl Editor 

News: Buying EngInSite PHP Editor you are receiving 2 great products for great price: EngInSite MySQL Client is now included into the Editor (you must download it as an additional package)




A built-in FTP, SSH, WebDAV client enables EngInSite Perl Editor to access and work directly with files located remotely on almost any server. You can run your script on your production server. You can run it on the integrated web server with Perl support. You can run it on local Apache or IIS server. You can run it as a plain Perl script. You can see the output in any browser or in the Command Prompt or in the Output window.
Do it the way you like - this, after all, is what TIMTOWTDI ("There is More Than One Way to Do It") is. The Perl Way!

EngInSite Perl Editor features a visual editor/debugger similar to Microsoft Windows programming tools like Visual Basic or Delphi.

This integrated debugger enables you easily to set both absolute and conditional breakpoints, single-step through code, and inspect values of variables in your script. These features--especially when combined with EngInSite Perl Editor's Local Server--make finding problems in your code very easy.

Perl Editor: Debugger - Watchpoints


If you ever developed sophisticated Perl projects you will appreciate the ability to navigate functions, scalars, arrays, and hashes in your code.

The Perl Editor includes features like color syntax highlighting for PERL, PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript -- features that make writing and understanding your code easy.


New in EngInSite Perl Editor version 3:

Lite and PRO


EngInSite Perl Editor
Get Perl Editor



Configurable toolbars
Configurable shortcuts
Configurable editor key commands
Savable workspace
More editor's options
Project tree, CVS tree, File manager for the local and remote files


Detailed parsing of the evaluation results
Visual profiler
List of the initialized variables
Subroutines list

Version control (CVS and SVN)

CVS-support on the file and project level
Graphical CVS interface
New: Subversion support  

Project concept

Project support
Project creating from the local or remote directory as well as CVS repository
Export of the existing projects to CVS
Project synchronization for publication Online


Can run as a standalone application
Configurable handlers and time-outs
Redirect, Directory listing and Multiple Choice support
Detailed 404-Error handling
"Access denied" and "Authentication failed" -support
List of default documents
Sessions and cookies support
SSI capabilities
Apache support, integrated web server can run simultaneously with the Apache


Improved FTP support
SSH1 / SSH2 / SFTP support
WebDAV support
New Open Remote and Save Remote dialogs
All-In-One File manager for the local and remote files


Tip Of The Days
Export and import of the custom settings

You can see the output in any browser -- or at the Command Prompt -- or in the Output window: your choice, pick any way you like.


Old good features you always enjoyed:



  • MDI interface
  • Define your own color schemes for unlimited ways of displaying your code. 
  • Get down to writing code quickly with our project templates. 
  • Our Code Navigator makes viewing your project a breeze. 
  • Debug via an easy, intuitive interface. 
  • You don't have to spend valuable time on configuring your environment - EngInSite Perl Editor does it all for you.
  • Customize the Editor's user interface any way you like. 


 A convenient tool, Navigator, will make sure you are never lost in your project 


Perl Editor: Navigator


The Editor is fully aware of all Perl functions and keywords

Press Ctrl + Space to get a hint.

Perl Editor Intellisense

Powerful Debugger

 - Setting unconditional and conditional breakpoints
- Stepwise execution
- Execution of separate functions
- Pausing and continuing of the execution
- Synchronous output of the results to STDOUT
- Error analysis with highlighting the error containing lines

Perl Editor: debugger

Perl Editor's system requirements:
Windows 98 or later
Perl Installation
64 MB of RAM
12 MB of free disk space
While EngInSite Perl Editor runs under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP the scripts you create may be used on any system which supports Perl (Unix, Windows NT, Mac, etc.).
Download your free trial copy of EngInSite Perl Editor today: Perl Editor
You can also download EnginSite Perl editor here:
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