Compile, run and debug your application on the *nix server, while coding on a Windows workstation
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EngInSite GCC Builder

EngInSite GCC Builder is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language

EngInSite GCC Builder uses remotely installed GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) and its compilers. It can create native Linux executables (also CGI with installation support), as well as dynamic and static libraries, PHP and Apache modules.

You compile, run and debug your application on the *nix server, while coding on a Windows workstation.

EngInSite GCC Builder can be used in combination with any GCC compiler, inclusive FORTRAN, Java, Objective-C and Ada. This application is a Free-For-Non-Commercial-Use Software, distributed under the terms of the Luckasoft Dual License Model.

 GCC Builder

GCC Builder core features are:

  • Support of GCC based compilers
  • Integrated debugging (with GDB)
  • Integrated profiling (with GPROF)
  • Class Browser
  • Code Completion
  • Project Manager
  • Multiple project configurations
  • Multiple servers
  • Customizable syntax highlighting editor
  • Makefile generation
  • Tool Manager
  • Printing support
  • Find and replace facilities

System Requirements - Local system

Minimum / Recommended requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98, NT 4 / Microsoft Windows 2000, XP
  • 16 MB RAM with a big swapfile / 256 MB RAM
  • 100 Mhz Intel compatible CPU / 400 Mhz Intel compatible CPU
  • 30 MB free disk space / 200 MB free disk space
  • 64 Bps WAN connection / DSL or cable WAN connection

System Requirements - Remote system

  • Linux operation system with bash compatible shell
  • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) v. 2x - 4x with at least C or C++ Front-end
  • Make utility
  • Remote access via Secure Shell (SSH)
  • gdb (optional)
  • gprof (optional)
  • EngInSite GCC Builder is in beta-testing phase. Please try it and let us know what should be changed and improved.

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